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Accounts Payable Management (Vendor Bills and Payments), Accounts Receivable Management (Customer Invoices and Collections), Bank Reconciliations (Checking and Credit Cards), Inventory Management, Recording and Reconciling Payroll Transactions, Revenue Reconciliation with Bank Deposits; Fixed Assets Management, Preparing Closing Entries, Preparation of Financial Statements, Comparison with Prior Period, Budgets and Industry Information, Variance Analysis and Recommendations, and more.
At COBREIRO BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICES, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
Guaranteed accurate federal, state and local tax calculations. Direct deposit. Professional paychecks and pay stubs. All major pay types: salary, hourly wages, multiple pay rates, bonuses, cash tips, paycheck tips, expense reimbursements, allowances, holidays, etc.
Voluntary deductions, including taxable and pre-tax premiums for medical, dental and retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, dependent and medical care, cash advances, loan repayments and more.
We are s a full service Income Tax preparation service that provides tax help for Small Businesses and Individuals. We assist taxpayers resolve their income tax issues with any tax collection agency: IRS, Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization and EDD. We plan and implement income tax strategies to help our client to maximize their deductions and minimize their tax liabilities without compromising our client’s integrity. Corporations, S-Corps. Partnerships. Non-profits. Cancellation of Debt (1099-C). Pass Years filing. Home-based business. Out-of-State returns.
Verify Business Name Availability. Preparation and Filing of Incorporation Documents. We’ll review your information for accuracy, audit your documents for correct spelling and completeness, create your incorporation documents and file them with the Secretary of State on your behalf.
Unlimited Phone/Email Support. 

FREE Registered Agent Service for 6 Months. Comes with Registered Agent Watch, which contains your monthly compliance status and alerts for important filing deadlines.

Copy of State-Filed Documents. Official copy of your documents, helpful for banking activities. A certified copy of incorporation documents is often required to open a business bank account.

Compliance Kit & Seal that includes the tools needed to make keeping your company compliant with state-imposed rules and regulations easy:
- A professional binder enclosed in a matching slip-case and customized with your business’ name on the spine,
- A custom, embossed seal for use in stamping documents to signify their authenticity,
- 20 full-page, numbered, custom-made shares/membership certificates printed with your business’ name,
- A shares/membership transfer ledger for keeping accurate records of your membership unit distributions,
- A sample operating agreement, meeting minutes, waiver of notices, and resolutions,
- Sample Operating Agreements and Other Customizable LLC Forms.

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Obtainment Service. Similar to a Social Security Number, typically required opening a bank account Businesses are required to have a Federal Tax ID Number, also called an employer identification number (EIN). With our Tax ID Obtainment Service, we will obtain your company's EIN from the IRS once your business formation is approved by the state. 
After the Non-profit incorporation process is done we will prepare and file on your behalf the applications (Federal and State) for Recognition of Exemption under section 503(c)(3)* of the Internal Revenue Code.

This service includes:

1. Statement of Information. Business entities incorporated or organized under California Law must filed a Statement of Information within 90 days after filing of the initial Articles of Incorporation, and annually thereafter during the applicable filing period. Your first Statement of Information is included in this package.

2. Registration with the Attorney General’s Registry of Charities. All charitable corporations, unincorporated associations, trustees, or other persons holding assets in trust for charitable purposes must register with the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts within 30 days of initially receiving assets.

3. Power of Attorney**. If you wish to be represented by an authorized representative, a completed Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, must be attached to your application if you would like us to communicate with your representative.

4. Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal and State Applications and its applicable Schedules.

5. Conflict of Interest Policy. A “conflict of interest” arises when a person in a position of authority over an organization, such as a director, officer, or manager, may benefit personally from a decision he or she could make. By adopting a Conflict Interest Policy you are choosing to put in place procedures that will help you avoid the possibility that those in positions of authority over you may receive an inappropriate benefit.

6. Application Fees. We will cover the Federal and State Application fees.
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